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and self-defense and armed struggle, which is one facet but there were so many other multiple facets. the greatest thing that the panthers provide us is with a real context of looking at the united states in a critical way. so the panthers, they quote from the declaration of independence in their ten-point program, yet at the same time they have a real critique of capitalism and democracy. so the panthers are very, very interesting group as a black group that is inspired by what goes on around in lawrence county, alabama, in oak lean, and spreads across the country and throughout the world, going to have international chapters, chapter in algeria, and have this burgeoning iconography. there are talking about state-sanctioned violence, poverty. the criminalization of african-american men and women, even in the 1960s. so the panthers were on the cutting edge of so much of the political activism that we see in the 21 not century, including struggles against mass incarceration, prison industrial complex, open season on young black men. panthers were talking about nat 1966, 1967. oakland,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)